Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earth Month Conserving Classroom Calendar

April 2012
Hello Friends of Kids for Saving Earth!April is Earth month and I sincerely encourage you to take action-oriented steps to protect the Earth. One important thing you can do is tell your instructor associates, parents and other friends about Kids for Saving Earth. Ask them to order a KSE membership and get a club started in their school or classroom. Send them this link and tell them KSE provides wonderful curriculum to help kids help the Earth. For this special month we have many amazing Earth-saving activities for your students to help students

Celebrate Earth Day. Be sure to check the April calendar because we have more activities than I am highlighting in this letter.We have added a couple new Earth-protecting programs to the calendar. Have your students learn about Organic Gardening and Organic Farming. Ask them to read the info sheets and be ready to discuss the information they learned in class. Also, I would suggest asking them to read the history of Earth Day and All About KSE. If they are in grades 3 and under you will want to read to or with them. The easiest project you can do is to have kids and their friends and family Sign the Kids for Saving Earth Promise. The Wonders of Wind is a fun activity for kids to learn that they don't have to use electric or gas dryers to dry their clothes. Simply print out The Wonders of Wind directions and hand them out to your students. This is a family project so send the directions home. If you are thinking of Earth Day gifts kids can give their family, check out the Light Switch eco activity. It's a very inexpensive but effective way to remind families to turn off their lights when they're not needed. Another activity we just added to the calender was sent to us from a KSE advisor at Briargrove Elementary in Houston, TX. They have had great success with this program and would like you to check it out. Try having a Picnic for the Planet. Finally I hope you will consider having a fundraiser to help support Kids for Saving Earth and/or ordering product from our KSE Green Shop. Learn about the Ionator for your school or home. It safely sanitizes your room or home and it also can wash away nasty chemicals and germs on your fruits and vegetables. Be sure to use the on-line $10 off KSE coupon. Thanks so much for all you do to educate children. Having been a teacher I understand how much work it is. I also know how rewarding it is. Happy Earth Day! Make sure to click on the "Share with a friend" link below.For the Earth and its children,

Tessa Hill
President, Kids for Saving Earth
Office: 763-559-1234
37955 Bridge Road
North Branch, MN 55056

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