Monday, May 16, 2011

Join the KSE Wildflower Team

Spring flowers are in full bloom! And that includes wildflowers in our parks, neighborhoods, and even in our own backyards! Pinks, reds, and yellows pop up throughout forest floors, prairies, and parks.

A fun and effective way to get kids outside and interested in nature is to take some time to observe the wildflowers that bloom this time of year. KSE has a great activity set up for kids, families, and classrooms to Join the KSE Wildflower Team. It's easy!

Step One
Take a hike in the woods or a meadow and take your camera or your sketch book along with you.
Simply take photos or enjoy sketching the wildflower plant.
Record the location where you found it and try to find it's name.To find out the name of the wildflower you have discovered, it isbest to "google" wildflowers by your state.  For example: Wildflowers in Minnesota
Email photos or scanned colorful artwork to or snail mail to:
37955 Bridge Road, North Branch, MN 55056
Include your first name, email address and school or other group, city and state..
Check this KSE Wild Flower Wise web site to see your photos or art on line
Plant a wildflower garden and put a wildflower wild sign in the area you planted.

And be sure to check out our page of wildflower photos submitted by other Defenders of the Planet.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to May! A message from Tessa Hill

Hello Friends of Kids for Saving Earth!

May is a month to be enjoyed outside. Take time to take your students outside to soak up some sun and the wonders of nature. The more children learn to love nature, the more they will want to protect it. This May calendar is filled with activities you can do outside.

Take your kids on a hike to look for wildflowers. Make sure to have them bring cameras if they have them, or let them borrow one to take photos of their favorite wildflowers. They can email the photos to KSE and we will place them on our Wild Flower Team page.

In Minnesota, where the Kids for Saving Earth headquarters is located, we celebrate the opening fishing season in May.  People fill the highways headed to their favorite lake to catch their favorite fish--most often walleye. It's ironic that they often do things that aren't so good for those beautiful lakes or the aquatic habitat. For example, most people are still using sinkers made from lead, a very toxic material. Check out our Get the Lead Out campaign to learn how your students can help encourage politicians to make laws to protect children and animals from lead poisoning.

Getting the word out about your activities is an important way to inspire others to act to protect the Earth. Ask your students to become KSE reporters and write emails or letters to their local newspapers or TV newscasters. Tell the kids to say they are reporters from Kids for Saving EarthClick here to learn more about this Earth-saving activity.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Tell your friends and associates to join the Kids for Saving Earth team.

Happy spring!

For the Earth and its children,

Tessa Hill
President, Kids for Saving Earth