Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Activities for the Environment

Happy February!

Our monthly Conserving Classroom Calendar has several events and activities for kids this month, including KSE's Healthy Cleaning Week, which starts February 20th. Check out the calendar for cleaning tips, such as using baking soda as a non-toxic cleaning agent, cutting back on paper towel use, and purchasing non-toxic, waste-free products such as the ActiveIon Spray Cleaner, which uses ionized water to clean and disinfect surfaces. Let us know your tips on how to clean green.

Speaking of non-toxic products, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families -- an organization whose mission it is to update our antiquated regulations on chemicals in our everyday products -- has introduced the Safer Chemicals Art Contest. Kids of all ages are encouraged to enter this creative contest to spread the word about the harmful chemicals in everything from baby bottles (BPA), to carpets (formaldehyde), to shower curtains (phthalates). Kids have until February 29th to submit artwork"describing what a healthy future for our families and environment means to them."

We at KSE have always used kids' artwork -- colorful drawings, paintings, and photos -- to spread the message of protecting our Earth. It's a positive way to learn and share what we love about the Earth and why we need to protect it. We take submissions year-round for use in our publications and on our website. We welcome you to submit artwork to us from your classroom or family at any time. Just email us at, or mail it to KSE Worldwide, 37955 Bridge Road, North Branch, MN 55056. We'd love to share your Earth-saving artwork with the world!

Have a great February, everyone!

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