Monday, October 3, 2011

Conserving Classroom Calendar for October: Earth-saving activities for kids

Hello Friends of Kids for Saving Earth!

In the United States families celebrate Halloween throughout October with parties and carnivals and by dressing up in costumes to go "Trick or Treating."  If your community celebrates Halloween remind your kids to think Earth-saving when choosing costumes or hosting your Halloween parties.  Look for costumes at thrift stores to reuse items instead of buying new.  How about having a "Can Can Carnival" and using the money you make to support an environmental activity for your class or school.

I know that teaching reading is a daily project in your classrooms and homes.  Consider teaching reading with an empowering goal through "Reading for the Earth."  It will inspire students, and your class can earn additional funds for Earth-saving projects. Check out the "Use the Library" eco-activity. Using the library is actually an Earth-saving activity.  Kids borrowing books from a library not only save money but also use less of the Earth's resources.

A very simple activity to do with kids is to promote "Use Cloth Napkins Week" to encourage your students to ask their parents to use cloth napkins.  Inexpensive cloth napkins and terry cloths work great and are easily washed for reuse.  Just be sure to have each member of the family have their own color napkin.

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