Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's June (already)! Summer eco-activities for kids

Hello Friends of Kids for Saving Earth!

June launches the summer season, so get out and enjoy the world of nature. Our June calendar is filled with links to nature activities. If school is still in session, take students on a trip to a forest or even a woodsy backyard. Order the KSE book A Trip to the Forest to help lead you through a forest adventure. Parents also will find it useful on a camping trip.

Clinton's Backyard Habitat eco-activity is a great way to encourage kids' appreciation of the important balance of nature and teach them how to create their own outdoor nature research center.  Print out this page for your students to take home for a summer activity.

Saving our community, state and national parks is an extremely important way to protect the Earth's health and promote a healthy understanding of the natural world for kids. Check this out to see how you and your students can help the Save Our Parks campaign.

Don't forget to tweet or blog about whatever activity you choose to do this month. We love hearing about new ideas and success stories.

Also remember that Kids for Saving Earth needs support. Contributions are greatly appreciated. Purchases from the KSE Green Shop provide additional support.

Thanks so much for helping kids help the Earth. Be sure to ask your students to "like" us on the Kids for Saving Earth Facebook page.

For the Earth and its children,

Tessa Hill
President, Kids for Saving Earth
Office: 763-559-1234
37955 Bridge Road
North Branch, MN 55056

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