Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to March! A Message from Tessa Hill

Welcome to March. This month and every month be sure to stay connected with Kids for Saving Earth.  We're seeking KSE Clubs and classrooms to contribute to our blogEmail us for more information! Be sure to "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

This March calendar is filled with many uncomplicated but very effective environmental activities for kids.

Wind power is the theme for March, the windy month, so check out all the wind-related activities we offer.  Click through all the other eco-activities and choose a couple to help turn your students into Defenders of the Planet.  Then you can print out the Defender of the Planet Award to give to them.

We do have a very special group of 4th-grade Defenders that we would love to have you help out. This is a Kids for Saving Earth member group. It is one of six finalists in National Geographic's nationwide "Find-Your-Footprint" contest! All the contestants are doing wonderful things for the Earth. You should check them all out and vote. Of course we would love for you to vote for the Catalog Canceling CampaignClick here to go to teacher Ted Wells information about how to vote and how to start your own Catalog Canceling Campaign. 

We need feedback about your environmental activities. We want to tell the world what you are doing to help protect the Earth. Email us to let us know. If you have photos, drawings or stories from the kids, all the better. We will be excited to blog and twitter about your activities as well.

Have you ordered your membership materials yet? Now is the time to do it. Earth Day will soon be here.

Don't forget to learn about the ionator. One Earth and health-concerned teacher/member sprays her students' hands with the ionized water before they go to lunch. This way she ensures their hands have been safely sanitized with no chemicals involved. The kids love cleaning their desktops and blackboards, too, and compete for the chance to use the ionator. Read about the science of the ionator and then order one. We are having a discounted rate through Earth Day. If you want to order more than two, email us to discuss discounted prices. 

Don't forget to tell other instructors about us to help spread the message and spirit of Kids for Saving Earth. Thanks so very much for all your support.

Tessa Hill, President, Kids for Saving Earth

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