Monday, January 31, 2011

The Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are truly one of the Earth's greatest treasures.  These precious places are home for over half the species of plants and animals on the planet.  Rainforests provide oxygen, help control our climate, and give us delicious foods and life-saving medicines.  They are crucial to life on Earth as we know it.  And they are rapidly disappearing!

Scientists estimate that humans destroy at least one acre of rainforest every minute, a rate which could easily result in their complete destruction within our lifetime. The forests are being cleared to make room for cities and roads, farms, plantations and ranches, and with the trees go thousands of plants and animals that can live nowhere else.

Take Action!

There are many ways to help save the Earth's precious rainforests...

- Spread the word and teach your students or KSE club members about the rainforests. Here is a great Rainforest fact sheet from our website: Rainforest Facts: Some Important Things to Remember About Our Earth's Beautiful Rainforests (pdf)

- Help us spread the word by submitting your children's or students' rainforest artwork to the KSE Rainforest Bulletin Board. Scan the artwork and email it to, take a picture of your classroom's own display and email it to us, or mail the artwork to our office at:
Kids for Saving Earth
37955 Bridge Road
North Branch, MN 55056

We'll put it up on our website and name your school or club.

- Donate to the Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest in Costa Rica. Costa Rica's "Braulio Carrillo National Park" is a protected area of great biological diversity. Conservationists from many nations are working to extend its protecting boundaries into neighboring forest land that could soon be lost to development. The Organization for 'Tropical Studies (OTS) -- a shared effort by leading universities, conservationists and researchers from around the world -- facilitates the Kids for Saving Earth Worldwide Rainforest Program to protect this land through fences, trails, rainforest guards, a crucial education program by OTS for the surrounding Costa Rican communities and a worldwide education program by KSE, and the purchase of Rainforest land. A $25 donation would help the KSE Rainforest in Costa Rica in a big way. Your donation is forwarded to the OTS.  Scientists and students live in the rainforest and work with local people to understand its mysteries. This new knowledge helps people everywhere preserve rainforests in their part of the world by showing them new ways to use these treasures without destroying the forests that produce them. You can donate online at the KSE Green Shop, and you will receive a beautiful 22" x 28" full-color Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest Treasure Map showing many Rainforests of the Earth including their exotic plants and animals. You will also receive a special colorful certificate of appreciation for helping to protect the Rainforest. More information can be found here: Protect the Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest (pdf).

- Become a part of Amigos de la Selva (pdf). Most schools in areas surrounding the Kids fo Saving Earth Rainforest are in very poor communities where the schools have limited funding.  It is extremely important that the children and parents in these areas understand why they must protect the rainforest.  One effective way to stop rainforests from disappearing is for us to help these local  residents work to protect them. Kids for Saving Earth hopes you will continue to support our land acquisition, protection and education program.  Perhaps you could donate 5 extra bucks to support our Amigos de La Salva program.  We use this funding to help support the Organization for Tropical Studies education programs that deal directly with schools in the communities surrounding the Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest protection areas.  To donate, click here.

Together, as Defenders of the Planet, we can help!

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